Monday, July 16, 2012

My Garden!!

List of things I'm growing...
Summer squash
Lettuce (meslun, arugula, black seeded simpson)-I'm up to my eyeballs in arugula
Brussel Sprouts
Peppers (cayenne, bell and cerrano)
Green Beans
Swiss Chard
Black Beans
Basil (sweet, heirloom, genovese)

Favorite things lately!! vintage 80's black dress - Vintage Military Steamer Trunk (Coffee Table) - Organic Xoco Bunny Rabbit - Woven Metalic Blue Bootie
Vegan - Black Interwoven Tote Handbag - Rustica Coffe Pot - Bark textured earrings - Geode Slice Ring
Akino - Sunday Girl Linocut Print -Tomorrow Bear Print

Friday, June 15, 2012

Things I'm Loving Today

I love how on etsy you can find so many different things, everything from glitter elephants to gold books. Here are some of my favorite things... I wish those red shoes were my size and that I could own all of these things :) All of these shops can be found on etsy all you have to do is type in the address bar, for example, and you will be taken to the shop. red velvet heels, wish they were my size! opal earrings- I'm gonna have to buy a pair of these Ethereal Photography "Night Light"- so beautiful, I was drawn to this one particularly but all of her photos are amazing Tranquility Gypsy Jangle Bracelet- I love the free spirit look of this bracelet and it's very intricately embellished Felted Slippers- look so cozy, I might need some of these next winter! Antique fashion book and vintage stamp (bottom right)- unfortunately the book is sold, what an awesome piece that was, but there are more stamps
Wish Glitter Elephant- I think this little guy speaks for himself, so cute! and Beige Knitted Necklace- gorgeous photos and unique necklace Glass Holder- I love everything in this shop! Transparent Bag-  Great design, something different Handknit Cropped Sweater- Love all things knitted and especially Ewelina's knitted things, she has a great design style Canvas drawstring Backpack- Nautical style bags perfect for new england!
Akino Gold Leaf Binding of "Australia Suite"- Decadent and awesome idea for covering a book

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


I've been seeing her work for a while now and am inspired every time I see her photos. Raceytay "makes photographs" that take you into another world, one where the forest floor is covered with a blanket of red or where the sky is aglow with twinkling lights and a fairytale sliver moon. The pictures speak for themselves and I hope you find her work as inspiring as I do.
Find more of her work at

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Etsy's Featured Seller Sandra Dieckmann, Amazing!

A good artist always has a back story, something that drove them to create; Sandra is no exception although her work is exceptional! While her art is reminiscent of southwestern native american art with her use of colors and lines, it has an imaginative element that reminds me of children's stories such as "The Mitten," one of my personal favorites. She hails from London, UK but originated from Germany, where she "walked across the rainbow, lived in the tops of evergreen trees and flew with the birds. I slept under a blanket of twinkling stars and swam in deep black lakes at night (or something like that)." All I know is that her work is inspiring and brought me back to my childhood, the best of it.

Visit her etsy shop here:

Monday, May 7, 2012


Canvas Bag- - So functional and well made, I could've used this for school or a hike!
Pink Bow Hat- I really love Ella Gajewska's and Behida Dolic's hats the most, they have a vintage charm, that I just can't get enough of.
Lace earrings- - So pretty and dainty!
Alligator Cuff- Awesome cuffs, I love her use of color.
White Cloche Hat- or Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!
Mauve woven boots- Netagracyani's handmade shoes, need I say more about those mauve woven booties? They speak for themselves.
Grey Dog/pet products- - Natural Pet products? Absolutely! A must have in this chemical laden world.
Pink Crystal shoes-  Over the top indulgent shoes!
Crochet necklace- Look closely at this crochet necklace by irregular expressions, it's a work of art, really well crafted.
White leather breacelet cuff- - Nice technique and original designs, very nice use of colors!
Antique Container-  This antique genie looking lamp is so awesome! Lots of nice finds in this shop!
Natural Straw Cocktail Hat- -Again, amazingly beautiful hats!

Look at all the gorgeous things you can purchase on etsy! I have a thing for handmade shoes and hats especially. I really love Ella Gajewska's and Behida Dolic's hats the most, they have a vintage charm, that I just can't get enough of and netagracyani's shoes, I am so loving those woven booties!

-Gabrielle -NEW .COM STORE!

Saturday, April 28, 2012